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WSET Level 3 Course Update

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IWC is pleased to introduce WSET’s new Level 3 Course. The approach has changed to better help students develop key professional skills, while maintaining the substantial core content.

What’s beneficial about the new WSET Level 3 course?

Updated study materials

  • Textbook and study guides have been revised to ensure the are as effective as possible in heping students develop key professional skills.
  • Sort videos about wine labeling protocols in various countries now supplement the textbook.

Focused course direction

  • The new course is targeted at helping students strengthen specific skills that are useful professionally and that provide a context for continued learning and development.
  • Empowering students to converse about the characteristics and quality of wines in a professional manner with colleagues and clients.
  • The skill of explaining the major wines of the world – why a particular wine tastes the way it does, based on its grape variety, region of production (encompassing climate, soil and vineyard practices), and the winemaking techniques likely to have been used.
  • The skill of describing the characteristics of those wines and analyzing their quality and readiness for drinking.

Modified course approach

  • Rather than studying the world of wine region by region, the new course takes a stylistic approach
  • For example, unoaked white wines made from aromatic grape varieties are grouped in one class (white wines of Germany, Alsace and Austria), so that understanding of this style of wine can be applied to wines from similar grape varieties or similar climates.

Revised course emphasis

  • The new course places strong emphasis on grape growing and winemaking as universal factor for understanding the wines of any region or grape variety.
  • These subjects form the underpinning context for information about regions and grape varieties in each class.
  • The syllabus (the ‘Specification’ booklet) explains the grape growing and winemaking aspects that students need to know in explicit detail to ensure students are aware of what is expected of them.

Spirits are no longer part of the syllabus

  • WSET recognized that spirits education needs a dedicated course and therefore a Level 3 Spirits Course will be introduced in the future. (A new Level 1 Spirits course will debut in early 2017).

The New Level 3 exam

  • Theory exam features 50 multiple choice questions.
  • Theory exam also has 4 short answer questions.
  • Grape growing and winemaking knowledge will be assessed in every one of the 4 short answer questions.
  • The Tasting exam involves an analysis of 2 blind wines.
  • Students earn credit purely for their accurate assessment of the wine’s characteristics. No identification of each wine is required.




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