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Increase your wine knowledge and tasting skills in just 3 days! We are offering a weekend WSET Level 2 Intensive course, on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This accelerated class is the perfect option for those who live out of town or industry processionals who need to finish the class quickly.  A great way to build connections, gain study partners, and broaden your exposure to multiple wine styles in a short amount of time. Check out all of our intensive courses this summer!

WSET Level 2 Intermediate Course is being offered for 3 days starting the weekend of July 21st and another weekday intensive class beginning August 23rd. Visit the following links for more information:
Level 2 July Intensive    OR    Level 2 August Intensive

If WSET Level 3 Advanced Course is where you are headed next, we are also offering a week long intensive course, beginning on August 28th. Visit the following link for more information:
Level 3 August Intensive

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