More Things You Need to Know When You Register for WSET Level 4, Wine Production, Unit 2

Your Level 4, Unit 2 Registration includes:

  • Official Level 4 registration with WSET® for three years
  • Study Guide for Wine Production, Unit 2
  • WSET® Level 4 Courses Intro Packet
  • WSET Practice Exams & Feedback Program – Practice examination and assessment program administered by WSET®.

Students should additionally download:

Not included in the kit are two texts:

Students may also wish to browse the list of recommended reading for WSET Level 4 courses beginning on page 15 of the Candidate Assessment Guide Part 1:Theory (see above).

Three Year Registration:

As a new Level 4 (Diploma) student, you are registered with WSET® for three years. After successfully completing Wine Production, Unit 2, you may enroll for any Level 4 courses and attempt the assessments associated with each during this registration period. If you do not complete all six courses within the three-year registration period, then you may re-register for an additional three-year period. Upon registration renewal, any prior passes are subject to reevaluation by WSET® for timeliness and relevancy.

WSET® Practice Exams & Feedback Program:

The WSET Practice Exams & Feedback Program is an invaluable tool for Level 4 students. The program, administered by WSET®, offers practice exams and tastings based on Level 4 examinations and provides feedback on students’ performance. The feedback should help students understand and reach the standard level of performance required for the Level 4 qualification. WSET Practice Exams & Feedback Program is part of all Level 4 courses except Unit 1. Please see the WSET Practice Exams & Feedback Program for a full description of how it works.