WSET Level 4, The Global Business of Wine, Unit 1

This course covers, at a specialist level, the dynamics of the global market for wines and spirits, as well as the particular realities of the U.S. wine and spirits market; it also covers how global and local consumer behavior and industry structure influence the marketing of alcoholic beverages.

The Level 4 Global Business of Wine, Unit 1 Course has nine instructional hours and two assessments: a 75-minute Case Study Exam on a global issue in the wine and spirits business; and a Coursework Assignment (CWA) – an independent research paper – on a proscribed topical issue of the industry. Students must achieve a pass in both assessments to complete this course. (See details on the Coursework Assignment below.)

Entrance Requirements

1. At least 21 years of age AND
2. A passing grade in the WSET® Level 4 Wine Production Unit 2 Course.

Pricing for the WSET® Level 4, Global Business of Wine, Unit 1 Course

Registration Fee: $25.00
Exams: $390.00
Study Kit : N/A
Tuition: $263.00
Total: $678.00
Costs for both of the Unit 1 assessments (CWA and Case Study Exam) are included in the Unit 1 Course fees. 

Discounted fees are available to Teaching Assistants. These positions are limited in number and are granted at the discretion of the International Wine Center. To apply, fill out the application and email it to

WSET® Level 4 The Global Business of Wine, Unit 1 adheres to the Mini-Course Refund Policy. For details see our policy.

The Global Business of Wine, Unit 1 – Class Schedule

Course Unit 1, Spring 2019 (Dip1 119)
Class Start Date January 24, 2019
Class Registration Deadline January 4, 2019
Schedule Download Schedule
Unit 1 Exam 10:30am March 12, 2019 at IWC
Exam Registration Deadline (re-sit students only) See Exams Page
Course Registration Closed

Coursework Assignments

All WSET Level 4 (Diploma) students who have sat the Level 4 Unit 1 course are eligible to register for a Coursework Assignment. The cost of the Coursework Assignment is included in the fee for the Global Business of Wine, Unit 1 Course.

Students MUST register separately by contacting IWC when they intend to submit a Coursework Assignment (CWA). The registration deadline is approximately three weeks prior to the paper submission deadline. Papers submitted without prior registration will not be accepted.

Coursework Assignment Topics are posted on the WSET website each year in May and are valid for the Coursework Assignment submission deadlines in November and the following April.

For more information on both the Case Study Exam and the Coursework Assignment, please see the following:

Coursework Assignment – April 2019 CWA

Registration Deadline March 22, 2019
Coursework Submission Deadline April 9, 2019
Available Topics Log into WSET® Global Campus Website To View. Password required.