WSET Level 4, Fortified Wines of the World, Unit 6

This course covers, at a specialist level, the major types and styles of fortified wines, along with their regions and methods of production. It examines the key factors affecting the style, quality and commercial value of sparkling wines, the trade and legal structures in the regions of production and the local and global markets for fortified wines. Students use the WSET Level 4 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® to analyze the characteristics of the principal fortified wines of the world.

Fortified Wines of the World, Unit 6 has seven instructional hours and a 65-minute exam. The examination consists of a blind tasting of three fortified wines and one theory question.

Entrance Requirements:

1. At least 21 years of age AND
2. A passing grade in the WSET® Level 4 Wine Production Unit 2 Course.

Pricing for Fortified Wines of the World, Unit 6 is as follows:

Registration Fee: $27.00
Exam: $300.00
Study Kit: $70.77
Tuition: $272.00
Total: $669.77
WSET® Level 4 Fortified Wines of the World, Unit 6 adheres to the Mini-Course Refund Policy. For details see our policy.

Fortified Wines of the World, Unit 6 – Class Schedule

Course Unit 6, Spring 2017 (Dip6 117)
Class Date 10:00am-6:00pm Saturday, April 15, 2017
Course Registration Deadline March 31, 2017
Schedule Download Schedule
Unit 6 Exam 2:30pm June 13, 2017 at IWC
Exam Registration Deadline (re-sit students only) See Exams Page

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