Frequently Asked Questions about the WSET Diploma Program

  • 1) What is the WSET Level 4 Courses (Diploma) Program?


    The Level 4 Courses are designed to build specialist knowledge of the principal wines and spirits of the world and the commercial factors relating to them, as well as a thorough system for the professional evaluation of wines and spirits. This program is one of the most demanding and challenging courses of wine study offered in the world, and fulfills one of the prerequisites for entry into the Master of Wine program.

  • 2) Is the WSET Level 4 Courses Program for me?


    The WSET® Level 4 Courses are a program of study for wine professionals and consumers who are serious about pursuing a high-level, internationally recognized wine credential. This program is suitable for those in the trade wishing to progress to roles such as food and beverage management, marketing specialists, wine buyers, sales executives and other professional roles. The program will aid those who are required to make managerial decisions, interpret information and have a thorough understanding of market trends and trade and legal requirements in a variety of industry sectors.

  • 3) What are the entry requirements for the Level 4 Courses (Diploma) Program?


    The WSET® Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits is a prerequisite for entry into the Level 4 Program.

  • 4) Are there any exceptions to the WSET Level 3 Award requirement?



  • 5) How is the Level 4 Courses Program structured?


    Level 4 is divided into six required units:
    The Global Business of Wine, Unit 1
    Wine Production, Unit 2
    Light Wines of the World, Unit 3
    Spirits of the World, Unit 4
    Sparkling Wines of the World, Unit 5
    Fortified Wines of the World, Unit 6

    You begin participation in the WSET Level 4 Courses by registering for Wine Production, Unit 2 and passing the Unit 2 multiple-choice examination. Enrollment in Unit 2 includes official registration with WSET as a Level 4 student for a three-year period, during which time you may sign-up for the remaining Units and attempt the assessments associated with each. WSET suggests you enroll in Unit 1 following Unit 2, as knowledge of the markets can be of benefit before moving on to product knowledge Units.

  • 6) Do people typically finish within the three-year registration period?


    Most people who complete Level 4 do so within two years, unless they have suspended or postponed their studies for personal or professional reasons.

  • 7) I have other questions about how the Level 4 Courses Program operates. Where can I get help?


    To learn all of the details about how the program operates please visit the WSET® website section on Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits here. Additionally, you can download and read the document labeled Level 4 Specification found on that page. If this doesn’t answer your questions, please contact us at IWC at (212) 239-3055.

  • 8) How much does the Level 4 Program cost?


    Unit 1 Price = $678
    Unit 2 Price = $1471.18* (Shipping Additional)
    Unit 3 Price = $2978.21 (Shipping Additional)
    Unit 4 Price = $1080.65 (Shipping Additional)
    Unit 5 Price = $700.21 (Shipping Additional)
    Unit 6 Price = $700.21 (Shipping Additional)
    *Includes the three-year WSET Level 4 Registration.

    Prices are valid for courses and exams offered during the academic year ending July 31, 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

  • 9) Are there any additional costs associated with the Level 4 Courses Program?


    The point of the Diploma is to explore and research the body of knowledge outlined by the study materials. Ideally, you will have access to a well-stocked wine library and the Internet.

    The required text is The Oxford Companion to Wine, 4th Edition. Highly recommended for Unit 2, but not required, is Sally Easton’s Vines & Vinification which is available for sale at IWC for $44.73.

    We also encourage students to form study/tasting groups to help spread the cost of wine for tasting practice and foster an exchange of ideas.

  • 10) Where are the Diploma Classes held?


    All classes are held at International Wine Center, 350 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1201 and typically run from 6pm until 8:30pm.

  • 11) How do I register for the Level 4 Courses Program?


    All incoming students must begin with Level 4 Wine Production Unit 2. Visit the Unit 2 Course page for the course description and registration information. To register, please call us at (212) 239-3055 from 9:30am till 6pm and we will be happy to help you.