WSET® Level 1 Spirits Course

Who It’s For:

This foundational course is ideal for anyone who wishes to obtain a sound introduction to spirits. It will appeal to wine lovers who wish to extend their knowledge into the realm of spirits, as well as people who work with spirits as part of a larger beverage portfolio in the retail and hospitality sectors. No previous spirits knowledge is required.

What You’ll Learn:

The main styles and categories of spirits, the defining characteristics of the main spirits types, the production processes and vessels used in making spirits, and the key principles involved in the storage and service of spirits — as well as a standardized method for tasting spirits .

Class Format:

Six hours of class time including a 45-minute, multiple-choice exam.

What You’ll Achieve:

• The ability to select and serve spirits with confidence.
• The ability to taste and describe various types of spirits.
• Knowledge about the main categories and types of spirits available, including brandy, vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila and flavored spirits.
• Knowledge of common cocktail ingredients, equipment and glassware.
• An understanding of quality factors for cocktails.
• An understanding of issues relating to the safe consumption of spirits.
• Successful candidates receive the WSET® Level 1 Award in Spirits.

* This course is a non-occupational course. Non-occupational courses are not intended to provide instruction that will result in the student’s acquisition of occupational skills.

Entrance Requirements:

At least 21 years of age

Pricing of WSET® Level 1 Spirits Course:

Registration Fee: $24.00
Study Kit: $38.11
Exam: $87.00
Tuition: $240.00
Total: $389.11

Discounted fees are available to Teaching Assistants. These positions are limited in number and are granted at the discretion of the International Wine Center. To apply, fill out the application and email it to

WSET® Level 1 Spirits Course adheres to the Mini-Course Refund Policy.  For details see our policy.

Following are current in-session and upcoming classes. If you don’t see a class that fits your schedule, check back soon; new classes are constantly being added!

Current Course Offerings

  • WSET Level 1 Spirits Foundation Course FS 119 INT    Starts 02/21/2019

    Starts: 02/21/2019
    Schedule: Thursday, February 21st 2019 at 10am -5:45 PM
    Location: 350 7th Ave. (b/w 29th and 30th Street), Suite 1201
    Exam: Immediately following class Thursday, February 21st. If you are unable to sit the exam February 21st, you may withdraw without penalty by January 30th. After January 30th, there will be a $78 fee to reschedule. You have 12 months from the course start date to sit the exam. After 12 months, another exam fee applies.
    Availability: Class Full

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